Killer Corn

I had this crazy dream last week.  So much so that I had to tell everyone I could about it. Simple because it involved killer corn.

The dream started with my co-workers and I talking about my father.  He was being pushed out of his job and forced to retire.  I was pretty upset about it, but my dad told me it was ok.

At this point I realized we were looking into a lobby of a mall, or space ship, or something similar to that.  If those things are similar or can be similar.  Or at least it was a wide open space in a building or vehicle of some sort (I stick to it being a space ship).

Scan_20150120There were massive crowds of people, all happy, until…. the Killer Corn came in.  It was potted corn.  Tall stalks of corn, each clay pot holding one corn stalk.  How they moved, I’m not sure.  It was more like a herd of potted corn stalks.  They moved up to people, and the corn stalks opened their huge mouths and ate people.  And the people they ate then popped out as evil potted corn stalks.  The best example was a girl with red pigtails, who became an evil redheaded pigtailed potted corn stalk.

And with everyone they ate the herd of corn stalks grew.  I was up on the balcony watching this happen.  I ran to an outer window ledge.  Evil potted corn stalks ran past the window chasing all the other people.  I crawled out on the roof, but it wasn’t a roof, it was some terra cotta shingles covering and engine or some sort.  I sat up here listening to people being eaten by the corn stalks.  I sat and looked off in the distance, not really worrying about the quickly multiplying corn.  Instead enjoying the heat from the engines and the view of fields in the distance.

And that’s when I woke up.  All excited about killer corn.

PS – How about a dream soundtrack?  This dream’s soundtrack – King Killer by Barkinghaus.

No Sun

I love my dreams.  They are just bizarre, but all have a narrative of some sort.

So in my dream last night Sam and I were in my parents house.  We were staying in the basement and went upstairs when I saw that the sky was just dark.  It was the middle of the day and dark as night outside.

02202011AJCStepping out on the porch I could see stars and clouds and animals, just not the sun.  It was like a clear summer night outside.  I was freaking out because there was sun and it was the middle of the day.  Sam on the other hand didn’t see the big deal.  It was just something that happened, and she was sure the sun would be back tomorrow.

Just then I realized it was a school day, and I hadn’t cancelled work.  But at the same time, it was near noon and I hadn’t had an e-mail, text, or phone call about not being at school.  I kept trying to type ‘’ into my phone to check school closings, but was unable to type Cleveland correctly. I seemed to recall in that the weather was supposed to be very cold (below zero) and that school should have been closed anyways, but I couldn’t remember closing the school.  After several unsuccessful attempts to type in Cleveland I woke up.


When I woke I still thought I had forgotten to cancel school and needed.  It took a few minutes for me to completely come to my senses and realize it was all a dream.


So in addition to posting more often (as every new year I say I’ll post more often and do for at least a few months), I’m goings to put any drawings I do on here as well.  If I manage to finish scanning in my Daily Drawings – of which I stopped keeping up with a long while ago – I’ll post them there.  But any new drawings, I’ll put here.

So, here are some new drawings from today.

20150119 20150119-2



Rick Santorum: Religious persecution in the U.S. could escalate as high as it did under Nazi Germany

I’m a little disgusted, not at all shocked.  This is ridiculous.  He says religious liberties are under assault, which is blatantly a lie.  He’s essentially saying “WATCH OUT CHRISTIANS!!! YOU’LL BE PUT IN GAS CHAMBERS SOON!!!” Or that’s the comparison he makes.  He recants later in the article, saying religious persecution in America is “fairly mild.”

There is no religious liberty under assault in America.  His “religious persecution” is abortion rights and same-sex marriage.  That’s his words from the article.  That’s not religious persecution, that’s not being able to push his views on other people.  His views based on his faith on other people regardless of their faith.

It comes down to a “my religion is right and because I believe my religion is right you, regardless of your views, beliefs or non-beliefs, have to defer to my religious beliefs.”

You can belief whatever you want religiously, but you can’t use your faith as a reason to limit others rights.  Separation of Church and State.  Politicians can follow whatever faith they want, but shouldn’t use that faith to govern.

The United States isn’t a Christian nation, it’s a nation of and for its citizens.  All of them.  Whether they are Christians, Jewish, Muslim, Pastafarian or atheist.

Flying Spaghetti Monster

Halloween on Halloween

That’s my belief.  Trick or Treating on any other day didn’t make sense barring a weather related disaster.

There are cities and towns around me that have moved their Trick or Treating to either Thursday or Saturday, with since even having it a week early on the 25th and 26th, instead of actually being on Halloween this year, which falls on Friday.

The reason…. There are high school football games on Friday.
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