Not Sure

I’m not sure what I was dreaming about last night, but I swear I was only asleep for 20 minutes when I woke up in a pile of drool. Whatever I was dreaming about was good enough to cause me to drool like a human Niagara Falls.  Flipped my pillow over and fell back asleep.  Near as I can tell that was it for drooling, just those twenty minutes – I didn’t actually check the time could have been longer.


The Lion Cut


As Maisy fur grew out she started to get knots on her belly.  We combed and brushed out what we could but she really didn’t like it much because (and I’m guessing) it pulled on her skin when we did.  According to some research Sam did Maisy is a Norwegian Fishing Cat which means she has a dense two layered coat of fur. 

After talking with the groomer we decided to just go with the lion cut. Our other option was to just shave her belly and her butt (she has been getting some ‘butt dangles’ lately).

She screamed and meowed the whole way there (and peed), but apparently took the torture like a champ and now is knot and dangle free.  She is a lot more insecure now, or at least that’s how I am interpreting all of the affection we are now getting from her post hair cut.