22 Year Old AJ vs 37 Year Old AJ

So this morning I got up, dressed, brushed my teeth, fed the cats, did some dishes, made coffee, made my lunch, watered the plants and still had some time to sit on the back porch and drink coffee before work.  Back porch time includes this post.  It feels good.


Last year Pat and I talked about how our visits now have to be purposeful, as we’ve outgrown the “Let’s just get together and do stuff,” of our 20’s.  Thinking about that I came up with a plan.  The new plan / aspiration – bike from Cleveland to Buffalo over the course of a weekend.  Pat can ship his bike from Portland, Maine to here.  We can then split the 200 mile ride over two days – spending the night in Erie Pennsylvania on the way out since it is almost exactly the half-way point.

However during the conversation 22 Year Old AJ combated 37 Year Old AJ.  37 year old AJ is ready to go.  However much it would suck, it’d also be fun.  When 37 Year Old Pat raised concerned that he’s not sure he’s ready for a one day 100 mile ride, much less two 100 mile days in a row. 37 Year Old AJ commiserated, I mean after all my legs are sore after biking 150 miles over one week.  But in my mind biking 100 miles in one day would be something that I go at a much more reserved pace than when I’m just out biking 20 – 30 miles.  But 37 year old Pat has valid concerns and 37 Year Old AJ understood them.

Now in the back of my mind, 22 Year Old AJ was hurling insults of all sorts towards Pat to goad him into riding.  After all, it was 28 Year Old Pat’s insults that ultimately led to me shattering my collar bone when I initially was hesitant about doing something and let him goad me into it.

When I told Pat what 22 Year Old AJ was shouting, he said 22 Year Old Pat was right there in the back of his mind as well.  22 Year Old Pat was ready to make this both a race, drinking competition and put some money aside for a bet on who would do better on this trip.  Yeah….22 Year Old AJ had all those ideas too.

We haven’t thrown out this idea completely, but 37 Year Old Pat and AJ apparently need to evaluate their lives a little more before actually embarking on something like this.

Bike to Work

I got up and biked to work this morning.  It was gorgeous mid-60’s and clear. 

It is after all National Bike to Work Day.


I was keeping all the hope alive that it wouldn’t rain until later this evening, like predicted and that I could make it home ahead the blustery ‘damaging winds’ and thunderstorms that aren’t supposed to start til after 5:30pm.

Of course instead it started raining within minutes of my arrival.  Now the best I can hope for is a break this afternoon where I can bike home.  Otherwise I may look into catching a ride home.


It’s January.  That means I’m going to exercise regularly for two months then get lazy/busy/bored and stop exercising for a while before picking it up again around the start of summer.

So in the mornings I do a ten minute workout through Xbox Fitness on the Xbox One, and then in the afternoon I either ride my trainer, do some P90x workout or something similar. In the Xbox Fitness App they have rankings of how you did compared to the average in your age group to motivate you.

Somehow beating the average in my age group this January just doesn’t feel nearly as motivating as beating it did last year.  Currently the 36 – 45 year old age group just makes me feel old, as opposed to last January’s 26-35 year old age, which I also beat the average pretty handily and felt better about.

Jolie Holland

Sometimes I think I don’t discover music until way later than everyone else.

Other times music in my collection goes unlistened to… and I don’t even realize its part of my music collection.

A little bit of both happened with Jolie Holland.

Somehow I had the album Escondida in my music collection. I randomly saw the album cover and decided to listen to it over the weekend. It quickly has become all I’ve listened to the last few days (OK… full disclosure… I listened to the entire radio broadcast drama of Empire Strikes Back while driving 8 hours from Cleveland to Queensbury…. but aside from that).

Anyways… give it a listen.  I’ve started moving on to her more recent albums.  This one is from 2005 and it holds up wonderfully.