The Closed Fist

I think I slept last night with a tight 08222010AJCclosed fist.

Not that I’m positive it was all night long, but I woke up with the fingers on my left hand hurting and needing to be cracked.  Just stiff.  I know I woke up once during the night and straightened my hand out.  I don’t know how long it was in a fist, but half asleep I felt how stiff my fingers were and straightened them.  Even now they are still sore.  Just my left hand though.

Strangely though on my bike rides I have the same thing happen.  My fingers feeling stiff after being wrapped around the handle bars for 30 – 40 mile rides.  Lately I try to keep my fingers open more that closed and that seems to be helping.  The handle bars on the new bike are slightly thicker than the handle bars on my old bike and I think that leaves my fingers in an awkward spot, slightly more open than they normally would be closed around something.

Maybe I’m just getting old…. older that is.

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