Feeling Old in the New Year

I’ve had a pretty good winter break.

This is my last day off before returning to work tomorrow, and I’m actually putting off doing some work for tomorrow while I type this.  But that’s ok.

So I had a good break, Christmas, visit with the family, playing with nephews and nieces, and relaxing with Sam.  We sort of planned our trip to my parents around her available vacation.  It’s the first time we spent Christmas together (we always celebrated early or later since I went home and she went to her parents).

All good.  So what do I do when we get back to Cleveland?  I decide that since I’m on break, relaxing and don’t have to work, I’m gonna stay up late and play some video games.  Not just video games, but a button smashing fighting video game.  Which is great, I loved it, but the next morning I wake up and my wrist is killing me.

Its to the point that when I rotate my wrist I can hear the muscle move. At this point its not the pain that bugs me, I can handle that.  Its the noise.  Hearing my muscle move it bizarre.  Reminds me of when I broke my collar bone.  I was laying on the ground in pain after diving to catch a frisbee, but the way I knew I broke my collar bone was that I could hear the bones grinding against each other.

So I’ll be wearing this for a while.

It is Sam’s for her tendonitis.  Which is what I’m sure is going on in my wrist.  It helps keep my wrist straight, but when I pick things up I can still occasionally hear my muscles move, which is still just weird – but its ok… I’m a Charpentier, I heal fast. But from a video game.  Awww.

Man it makes me feel old.

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