St Patrick’s Day at 33

So St. Patrick’s Day takes on a whole other form at 33. In a past life (or past years) I would be planning a night of drunken debauchery. Instead 33 looks a bit more subdued.

Currently I’m having a beer and cleaning. Yeah… it’s 9:45 am, but this is my first beer in two weeks or so (I really don’t drink anymore) and I’m in a good mood. Its gorgeous outside, Smashing Pumpkins are blasting from the stereo, and our place is a mess. So cleaning and a beer to start the day.

Looking forward I hope the day goes something like this.
Another hour of cleaning (as I said, its a mess)
40 minutes of prepping my bike for a ride outside (its been on the trainer all winter)
1 – 2 hour ride (depending on how I feel)
Trip to the store (buy some beer, some grilling foods, and other such)
Trip to the park for grilling and walking Oscar
Home and Video games in the evening with Sam (she’s working today)
Out to a bar with Sam for a few drinks
Midnight Showing of An American Werewolf in London at the Capitol Theater with Sam

Sunday is planned out also:
10 o’clock showing of The Apartment at the Capitol (I really want to see this one, Sam wants to see American Werewolf in London…. we’ll sacrifice sleep to see both)
Coffee Pot?
Chuppa’s Market
Dick’s Sporting Goods (look at biking jerseys) & Apple Store (iPad for Sam??)
Walk Oscar

In a past life St. Patrick’s Day falling on the weekend was a reason for all sorts of craziness, this year is more subdued, and I’m ok with it. By the By:

Happy Birthday PJ
8 years ago I my appendix tried to kill me. (8, 9, whatever. I survived, Appendix didn’t. He put up a good fight and had the doctors all thinking I’d die, but it’ll take more than gangrene and an angry organ to kill me.)