Our Live Christmas Tree
Our Live Christmas Tree
I don’t think its ever coming down.

Maybe its a sign that I like my job, but man I want I go back to work.  Its been way to long for me.  This stupid weather has been crazy. I haven’t worked since December 20th.  That is almost 3 weeks ago.  I was ready to go back after a week off.

Staying home isn’t the best for me either. I’m a notorious snacker and Christmas has left our apartment filled with candy and junk food.  I eat healthier when I work.  Although I have started P90X.  I was forced to look for alternative exercise when I the pedal on my trainer stripped the crank, so I couldn’t ride.  I did order another crank set, but it was shipped to work, and we haven’t been back yet.  But I’ve started P90x and we will see how long I stick with it this time.  Last time I think I did two weeks and it had legendary consequences for me that I only share with friends who know the most embarrassing stories about me.

All in all, I’m just waiting for the weather to return to normal, to get back to work, and to get on with life.

Here’s hoping it happens tomorrow.


Sam wants a FAKE Christmas tree.  I’ve repeatedly had to tell her how FAKE Christmas trees are not allowed in my / our apartment.  FAKE Christmas trees are evil.  They pretty much come to life at night and suck all that is good out of your soul.  FAKE Christmas trees were the original inspiration for transformers.

I cannot abide by a FAKE Christmas tree in our apartment.  I told her it was real of nothing.  I want the pine-e-ness of a real tree.  None of that FAKE Plastic Trees (saddest song ever and Sam wants to relate it to our Christmas).  So we are currently looking for potted small Christmas trees that we can put in our bay window.

Sam is anti-murder so she does not want to cut down a tree.  But I’ve seen her rip down a branch from a live tree before (technically that’s maiming not murder).  So its a potted live tree this year, not a cut down tree.  I’m ok with that.  As long as its not FAKE.