Delaware Vacation in Review

Just a quick review of vacation.

Saturday I visited Pat in Danville Pennsylvania.  It was a fun trip, I met his girlfriend of the last decade for the second time (at least that I recall).  She was nice.  We all (Sarah was there) went out to eat and then walked down by the river.  After some relaxing at his place (and some really really filling rhubarb pie Shannon had made from scratch) Pat, Sarah, and I went out to the Pub II where we kicked BDGirl’s ass in trivia (although we absolutely sucked at the British Music Section).  This was then followed up by late night trip to the Old Forge Brewing Company for some delicious hand made soft pretzels.  Pat had raved about them earlier and he was right for doing so.

Sarah and I got up early on Sunday and finished out drive to Bethany Beach.  This was by far the hottest year in a while.  We didn’t got an hour on the beach without jumping in the water (usual Delaware trip is a swim, followed by an hour or two of reading and relaxing on the beach, some more swimming, relaxing, etc.).  This year you had to continually get in the water, it was just that hot.  We saw dolphins, sand critters, Ghost Crabs, seagulls, pelicans, and other animals.  We even saw a ghost crab eating a sand critters (pretty cool site).  We swam and got sunburned and played with my niece and nephews (soooo much fun).  Anyways, it was a lot of fun seeing my family, Sarah got her fill of crab at the Blue Crab (all you can eat = 7 crabs… at least for Sarah), and I got my donuts from Fractured Prune.

Random Pictures (I know there’s a Pat and me picture out there that I need to get ahold of):