A Good Morning

Robot Socks and CoffeeI didn’t sleep well last night.  I woke up at 4:15am and was up for almost an hour.  And despite trying to get to bed at a decent hour I didn’t fall asleep until after midnight, mostly due to the hours I kept over the last week.

It was Spring Break and I stayed up late watching movies and playing video games with Sam.  It was cold all break except for this last weekend.  During which I did get two rides in on my new bike!!!!

But about my good morning.  Well I woke up a little groggy at 6am, but refreshed after having managed to get back to sleep.  I headed towards the shower and put on WGR 550 to listen to sports talk about the Sabres game.  At no point in my youth would I ever have imagined I’d listen to sports radio, ever, least of all first thing in the morning.

BUT, what made it better than just talk about a Sabres victory last night was that the opening intro music was Bottles to the Ground by NOFX.  A little punk music as soon as I tune in before I even hear a voice.  Fantastic.

The morning gets even better.  I purposely pick out my Space Invaders socks for this morning, and after a shower head to the kitchen to make coffee. Not just any coffee, I ordered whole bean coffee from TIM HORTON’S. Tim Horton’s exist all of western New York, but not in Cleveland (however I’ve seen them in Toledo).  I found a two pound bag of coffee on Amazon for $12.99.  So I fill my Denny’s mug with Tim Horton’s coffee and sit at the table to read the news.

Next amazing thing happens, WGR plays Brass Monkey by the Beastie Boys for an intro.  Fantastic.  Couldn’t be better.

Seriously.  Bottles to the Ground, Space Invaders Socks, Tim Horton’s Coffee and Brass Monkey.  It’s a good combination.




The only 2 mugs that matter…

I have a bazillion coffee mugs.  that’s an actual number not an exaggeration.

I’ve thought about getting the actual number down to a hearty 6 maybe.  I can’t ever see needing more than 6.  Of course, those 6 don’t include….


Lots of emphasis there.

The only two mugs that matter are my Denny’s mug and my PRS mug.  These are my mugs.  I don’t get made when someone else uses them, but I would prefer, maybe heavily prefer, that no one else uses them but me.  They both have different uses.


Denny’s Mug

I stole this mug from a Denny’s in Queensbury.  It happened during one fateful summer where I made numerous late night Denny’s trips with Kevin, Reggie, Shane, and Colin.  I don’t really need to add the ‘late night’ preface there, I’m pretty sure no one ever goes to Denny’s at other times.   At least we didn’t then.

It was the time period where I had actually been made fun of at college by Keifer because 90% of the stories I told started with “At 2 am” because we all worked that summer and did nothing but play frisbee and go to Denny’s.  Or maybe I’m combining summers.  Whatever.  Your memory is no better than mine.

Regardless of my memory, I stole this Denny’s mug.  And when I make a cup of coffee in the morning, I drink from my Denny’s mug.  It’s speckled, authentic, and awesome.  And it was stolen from Denny’s.  By my hands, because I wanted it, would cherish it, and use it all the time.  I will not, will not, let anyone else use it.  It’s mine.  But that’s not true, Sam is envious of it, and sneaks it to use when I’m not around.  I suppose I’m ok with that.  But guests, sorry, get your own if you can.



Years ago (like 5) Josh ‘the man’ Wallens lived near Baltimore and worked at PRS. PRS is Paul Reed Smith Guitars.  It was pretty awesome.  He worked hard to get there and had the job for a few years before the economy left him without steady employment.

But that first year Josh sent me a PRS mug and shirt.  I still wear the shirt all the time.  Love it.  But the mug, I saw how it could become lost among the masses of coffee mugs I already had unless I gave it the status it deserves.  So it became my wine mug.

When I drink wine at home, I drink it out of the PRS Mug.  It is fantastic.  It has this unique little peak, a pointy edge at the top of the handle, where my thumb continually rubs against it while I use it.  Makes it special and unique.  We had guests once and one of them, despite being told not too, used PRS to drink wine out of.  I was pretty livid.  Tried not to be.  Kept it together.  But when he joked about stealing it I told him he wouldn’t make it out the door with losing the hand that was holding it.

Its a fantastic mug.  Period.  Nothing else to say about it.  It sits up in the liquor cabinet away from all the other coffee mugs reveling in its prestige.  It deserves it.