It’s January.  That means I’m going to exercise regularly for two months then get lazy/busy/bored and stop exercising for a while before picking it up again around the start of summer.

So in the mornings I do a ten minute workout through Xbox Fitness on the Xbox One, and then in the afternoon I either ride my trainer, do some P90x workout or something similar. In the Xbox Fitness App they have rankings of how you did compared to the average in your age group to motivate you.

Somehow beating the average in my age group this January just doesn’t feel nearly as motivating as beating it did last year.  Currently the 36 – 45 year old age group just makes me feel old, as opposed to last January’s 26-35 year old age, which I also beat the average pretty handily and felt better about.

I know I’m Stupid

Fuji cross 3.0

I know I’m stupid.  I treat my body like its in high school / college shape.

I don’t know how to exercise without it being an endurance event for me.  I need to bike (which is my current exercise) as hard as I can until I’m exhausted.

Strangely though I recover pretty well.  I biked ten miles yesterday.  Nothing really to brag about.  But I went as hard as I could for 3 miles. For 5 minutes of those three miles my heart beat at over 200 beats per minute.  That’s just stupid.  After the first three miles I did 1 mile off and 1 mile on until I got back home.  It wasn’t even that fast of a ride.

But I pushed myself.  I woke up in the middle of the night with my thighs tensed up.  It settled after a few seconds, but was painful.

So yeah, I’m stupid.  I know it.  My body doesn’t.  It still wonders what is going on.


New Bike – Fuji Cross 3.0

Yesterday’s Ride Stats

Whole Bunch of Junk

Cleveland (and Ohio as a whole) has to have the worst drivers.  Statistically I’m sure its a fact.  They’re bad.  Really bad.  I may live in Cleveland, but grew up driving somewhere else, which allows me to set myself apart.  But Ohio, you do driving wrong.


I had a dream about watching my father drive when he was young (in his 20’s).  He was skinny and drove a car that made a loud “WUGA WUGA WUGA” noise when it was started.  We were good friends and it wasn’t strange even though we knew I was his son.  I helped him daily push start his crappy old car.  Weird.


Tea then Coffee?  I’ve started drinking tea in the morning, and coffee throughout the work day.  Don’t know why, but its a slight change.

Lazy.  I’ve mentioned my lack of motivation to exercise.  So this morning I stepped on the scale and sort of looked through my fingers at the LCD expected it to just say fat.  Instead it said 174.  Basically 4 pounds off of where I was mid-exercise craze. I hovered around 170 at my low last year. I’m ok with that.

Sabres are playing today.  Woooooooooooooo o o o….

Excitement around Sabres games has gone so far downhill.  Let’s hope the win tonight to get me excited again.  Damn you Buffalo sports teams.

Back in it

Sam and I talked about how I wasn’t exercising as much as I used to.  I still did my push ups and sit ups, but wasn’t biking like I used too.  I figured it was largely because I didn’t have a steady schedule in the evenings after work.

Sam has started school this week though.  That’s a change.  I’m not saying Sam not being here allows me to exercise.  That’s the wrong way to look at it.  Before she was back at class, she didn’t have a schedule, and when I came home we could do whatever we wanted.

Now there is a schedule.  We can’t stay up late, Sam is back at a regular time, and in between when I get home, and when Sam comes home is my time to exercise and get in things I may not have done previously (draw and read).

And simple as that… Monday and Tuesday I have biked 30 minutes each night.