Whole Bunch of Junk

Cleveland (and Ohio as a whole) has to have the worst drivers.  Statistically I’m sure its a fact.  They’re bad.  Really bad.  I may live in Cleveland, but grew up driving somewhere else, which allows me to set myself apart.  But Ohio, you do driving wrong.


I had a dream about watching my father drive when he was young (in his 20’s).  He was skinny and drove a car that made a loud “WUGA WUGA WUGA” noise when it was started.  We were good friends and it wasn’t strange even though we knew I was his son.  I helped him daily push start his crappy old car.  Weird.


Tea then Coffee?  I’ve started drinking tea in the morning, and coffee throughout the work day.  Don’t know why, but its a slight change.

Lazy.  I’ve mentioned my lack of motivation to exercise.  So this morning I stepped on the scale and sort of looked through my fingers at the LCD expected it to just say fat.  Instead it said 174.  Basically 4 pounds off of where I was mid-exercise craze. I hovered around 170 at my low last year. I’m ok with that.

Sabres are playing today.  Woooooooooooooo o o o….

Excitement around Sabres games has gone so far downhill.  Let’s hope the win tonight to get me excited again.  Damn you Buffalo sports teams.

Another Motivational Post

Or is it another post about lack of motivation.  Its not that I don’t want to exercise.  I enjoy it when I do, and just need to force myself to exercise.

Instead, I came home and crawled in bed at 5 yesterday.  I half slept half read til 7, got out of bed, made some dinner, watched the Sabres lose, and was back in bed around 10:30.  Fast asleep by 11pm.

I don’t know if I would call them visions, maybe just longings.  I swear I’ve closed my eyes and pictured myself 25 miles away on the Tow Path.  25 miles out and turning around in the middle of nowhere for a 25 mile bike ride back.  It just seems ideal.

Last year I used a crazy stupid 50 mile bike ride to jump start my exercising in the Spring.  I was tired and exhausted and had trouble climbing the stairs back up to my apartment (bike on shoulder) afterwards.

But it worked.  I exercised all summer long after that.  I lost over 25 pounds and have kept it off, even without constant exercising.  That’s pretty good.  So when I have visions and longings for another long bike ride, I’m sure its my body telling me it wants get back in that shape.

I think I need winter to be over.


Or Lack Of.

Cause yesterday was not a motivation building day.

Got home after 7pm last night from work.  The big parent meeting I planned for our school, well it was a good important meeting, but it was a good important meeting that had very little impact on a school wide basis due to turnout.  Welcome to education AJ.

So I came home tired… and my general rule of “If I am out of the house for twelve hours or more during the work day I won’t exercise,” held true; even if I wanted to get back to it this week.

Instead I planned on walking through the door, putting some tv on and drawing.

Instead of that I walked through the door and cleaned the kitchen, did the dishes and picked up the living room.  It’s pretty much the same thing as I planned…. right?

The whole time cleaning up I thought, ‘I can do this now and then collapse on the couch with Sam and eat some dinner and zone out to some Lost.”  It had been a long day, and that seemed like the perfect way to end it.

Instead (see all these insteads) minor crisis meant helping Sam for several hours.

Crawled into bed around 11:30, completely asleep by midnight.

5 – 6 hours of sleep multiple nights in a row.


Long hours at work all this week


Losing Sabres team


Angelo Poo on the carpet

NO.  Yay.  His poo swings are devastating when he decides to go all carpet on me.  But today, today he hit the litter box.  That’s a big plus.

So motivation to myself moving this morning is a little rough.  That shining spot of Angelo’s keenly placed poo isn’t enough to get me all excited for the day.  So I’ll head to work and make it through the day like I do every day.

Tonight, hopefully I’ll be home at a semi-normal hour.  Exercise.  Make a dinner (Rice, chicken, veggies?).  Watch the Sabres.  Come away excited that they won huge. Scoop hopefully well place Angelo poo.  Maybe take a bath.  Get in bed before 11.

That’s the plan.  Lets hope it works and doesn’t involve ‘instead’.