A Good Morning

Robot Socks and CoffeeI didn’t sleep well last night.  I woke up at 4:15am and was up for almost an hour.  And despite trying to get to bed at a decent hour I didn’t fall asleep until after midnight, mostly due to the hours I kept over the last week.

It was Spring Break and I stayed up late watching movies and playing video games with Sam.  It was cold all break except for this last weekend.  During which I did get two rides in on my new bike!!!!

But about my good morning.  Well I woke up a little groggy at 6am, but refreshed after having managed to get back to sleep.  I headed towards the shower and put on WGR 550 to listen to sports talk about the Sabres game.  At no point in my youth would I ever have imagined I’d listen to sports radio, ever, least of all first thing in the morning.

BUT, what made it better than just talk about a Sabres victory last night was that the opening intro music was Bottles to the Ground by NOFX.  A little punk music as soon as I tune in before I even hear a voice.  Fantastic.

The morning gets even better.  I purposely pick out my Space Invaders socks for this morning, and after a shower head to the kitchen to make coffee. Not just any coffee, I ordered whole bean coffee from TIM HORTON’S. Tim Horton’s exist all of western New York, but not in Cleveland (however I’ve seen them in Toledo).  I found a two pound bag of coffee on Amazon for $12.99.  So I fill my Denny’s mug with Tim Horton’s coffee and sit at the table to read the news.

Next amazing thing happens, WGR plays Brass Monkey by the Beastie Boys for an intro.  Fantastic.  Couldn’t be better.

Seriously.  Bottles to the Ground, Space Invaders Socks, Tim Horton’s Coffee and Brass Monkey.  It’s a good combination.




Whole Bunch of Junk

Cleveland (and Ohio as a whole) has to have the worst drivers.  Statistically I’m sure its a fact.  They’re bad.  Really bad.  I may live in Cleveland, but grew up driving somewhere else, which allows me to set myself apart.  But Ohio, you do driving wrong.


I had a dream about watching my father drive when he was young (in his 20’s).  He was skinny and drove a car that made a loud “WUGA WUGA WUGA” noise when it was started.  We were good friends and it wasn’t strange even though we knew I was his son.  I helped him daily push start his crappy old car.  Weird.


Tea then Coffee?  I’ve started drinking tea in the morning, and coffee throughout the work day.  Don’t know why, but its a slight change.

Lazy.  I’ve mentioned my lack of motivation to exercise.  So this morning I stepped on the scale and sort of looked through my fingers at the LCD expected it to just say fat.  Instead it said 174.  Basically 4 pounds off of where I was mid-exercise craze. I hovered around 170 at my low last year. I’m ok with that.

Sabres are playing today.  Woooooooooooooo o o o….

Excitement around Sabres games has gone so far downhill.  Let’s hope the win tonight to get me excited again.  Damn you Buffalo sports teams.

Snooty… or is it snotty

Its snotty.  I’m fairly certain it is snotty.  Which is what I am this morning.  Pretty snotty.  One of those snotty mornings where you blow your nose and immediately realize you should have used six tissues instead of one because you completely destroyed the one you used.

That paragraph alone proves this wasn’t a snooty post.

Anyways, being a Buffalo Hockey fan means my nights haven’t been that great lately.  I was listening to NHL radio over the weekend and they talked about how bi-polar the Sabres are.  When they are there on, there is no defense against them.  Unfortunately they aren’t on often, or for even a whole game.  Basing my nights around hockey games is getting sad, but dammit I bought NHL GameCenter to watch these games, and like any true fan, I’ll still watch their games, even when horrible.

But… despite the Sabres loss and my snotty morning, Angelo is make me feel better.  Cause he’s a cat and can do things like that.


Angelo keeping me company.
Angelo keeping me company.


I’m freshly shaven now, from a Sabres loss.  And to be honest, I’m impressed with how far this team made it, and depressed and let down with how poorly they played in this game tonight.

The problem with being a Sabres fan is they can make you forget how much of a underdog they are.  How they “aren’t supposed to win.”  That was this series.  The Sabres weren’t even supposed to get into the playoffs this year.  But they did.  And they did it with a stretch of games that were impressive to watch.  As that underdog team they get you from just rooting for them, to throwing your whole lot in with them.

Or at least that’s it for me.  I end up getting excited about seeing them play, and watching them play well.  And as soon as I put all my hopes and energy behind the team, because they’ve finally made me believe that this season they are going to pull it off, I get let down.  And it happens year after year.  Season after season.  Hell, some years it happens multiple times a season.

But I keep coming back.  Cause they’re my team.  And they show me how exciting hockey can be, and then when it counts, I get crushed by my team.  But I’ll be back with the team in the fall.  And I’ll yell and scream and get excited again.  And maybe, just maybe, sometime in the next 40 years of Sabres history, they can make me yell and scream and get excited all season till the end, when they raise the Cup.

Game 4

Alright Sabres.

My beard is way more impressive than previous years I’ve tried growing ones. My enthusiasm is much higher than it’s been in the past, and my throat is still a little hoarse from screaming at the screen Monday night. Its on.