The Shane Stewart – Lost Boys Connection

Over this past weekend Sam and I went to the Aut-o-Rama Drive In located in North Ridgeville, Ohio.  They were playing a double feature with the new Stephen King movie IT and the amazing 1987 movie The Lost Boys.

I’ve been a fan of drive in theaters for a long while, and loved our local Glen Drive In in my hometown of Queensbury; but that’s aside from the Shane Stewart – Lost Boys Connection.

The Lost Boys could be remembered on its own for starring such amazing actors as Kiefer Sutherland, Corey Feldman, and the sadly departed Corey Haim. Everyone probably already knows I’m a huge Kiefer Sutherland fan, I mean I went so far as to see him in concert for his not-that-fantastic country singing career.  However I don’t think there will ever be too many songs about Whiskey, and I’ll listen to it on repeat occasionally.  That song is great.

In The Lost Boys, only one thing is needed to make Kiefer Sutherland great.  And of course that’s his amazing 1980’s haircut. It’s pretty fantastic, spiked up hair and a mullet! Pretty rocking for a vampire bad-ass.

Anyways, where Shane Stewart comes in is from some random high school conversation I can barely remember us having.  I wouldn’t say he was obsessive, but he definitely found one part of The Lost Boys so ridiculous he actually told me it was amazing.  And he went on and on about this one scene at the beginning of the movie.  That’s not too odd, being a fan of the movie I could talk about it a lot.  The 1980’s amazingness the movie represents is a stand out feature. But Shane, Shane liked and talked about a different aspect.

Shane talked about the Saxophone Guy scene.

The Saxophone Guy was just amazingly ridiculous, which is why Shane loved it.  He played saxophone in a giant concert, with no shirt on, ridiculous hip thrusts, chains (as in large links of chain) necklaces and bracelets, and skin tight pants that I swear have a different color cod piece than the leggings.  He was on the screen for maybe a minute.  And Shane was right, it’s just absurd.  Absolutely absurd.

The Saxophone Guy’s name is Tim Capello.  Apparently Shane isn’t the only one who found that scene ridiculous. Someone made an “Epic Remix” of the Saxophone Guy scene, trying to make it an actual music video. As recently as 2005 there were articles and interviews about him. In 2016 he actually played the same song from The Lost Boys, “I Still Believe”, at something called Monsterpalooza. Clearly he still has it.

And that there is the foundation for the Shane Stewart – Lost Boys Connection.  A short conversation involving the ridiculousness of the Saxophone Guy who was only in the movie for a few minutes.  And I’m pretty sure it was a one time conversation.  But here we are, 20 years removed from high school, and when Sam and I went to the drive in and saw The Lost Boys, I had to retell the story of that conversation to her.

I’m pretty sure she was bored during the story.  But she understood when the Saxophone Guy was on.

Not too long later she fell asleep mid-way through the movie.  I don’t hold that against her, it was the second feature and got late quickly.

Shane may not remember this story.  It was a one-off conversation that clearly somehow stuck to my mind.  But even if he doesn’t remember, I am certain it took place.

As the Saxophone Guy would say: