And the new couch proves comfy.

I woke up at 4 am and I struggled to get back to sleep.

I tried my usual trick…. put an episode of Futurama on my phone, turn it over, and fall asleep listening to it.  Futurama has been my go to sleeping method for years.  Almost never fails me.  I’ve gone from falling asleep watching an episode, turn just hearing an episode and falling asleep.  Sam struggles to fall asleep to noise or people talking…. I kind of need it.  Sam needs dark, I can fall asleep with whatever.  So our compromise is that I put Futurama on my my phone, flip the phone over so its dark still, and wear headphone while falling asleep.  It’s sounds elaborate typed out, but its not.  Sam never really complained about the light or noise, I just know she gets to sleep faster without it.

But while I fell alseep great last night.  I woke up at 4 am and couldn’t get back to work with Futurama on my phone.  So I tried sleeping trick number two: move locations.  I went out to the living room to lay back down and try to fall asleep.  It worked.  It worked perfectly.  Within minutes of laying down I got back to sleep.

I put that on new couch and his amazingness.

Of course I had a weird dream that I woke up at 7:59 and it was still dark outside.  It was really vivid too.  In my dream my alarms didn’t go off, and I kept checking my phone and it kept saying 7:59.  It was dark outside and my alarms had never gone off.  In my dream I grabbed Sam’s computer off the coffee table and it too said 7:59 (strange because Sam’s computer is on the coffee table this morning).

ben-and-jerry's-scotchy-scotch112013I blame that dream on the Scotchy Scotch Scotch I ate last night.

Sam bought me a pint of it and I may have eaten the whole pint in one sitting. It was fantastic and I couldn’t resist.

When I actually did wake up it was 5:36 am, 4 minutes before my alarm. Which still sucks, but at least I won’t be late for work.

The Closed Fist

I think I slept last night with a tight 08222010AJCclosed fist.

Not that I’m positive it was all night long, but I woke up with the fingers on my left hand hurting and needing to be cracked.  Just stiff.  I know I woke up once during the night and straightened my hand out.  I don’t know how long it was in a fist, but half asleep I felt how stiff my fingers were and straightened them.  Even now they are still sore.  Just my left hand though.

Strangely though on my bike rides I have the same thing happen.  My fingers feeling stiff after being wrapped around the handle bars for 30 – 40 mile rides.  Lately I try to keep my fingers open more that closed and that seems to be helping.  The handle bars on the new bike are slightly thicker than the handle bars on my old bike and I think that leaves my fingers in an awkward spot, slightly more open than they normally would be closed around something.

Maybe I’m just getting old…. older that is.


I am not normally a fan of the snooze button.

That’s not exactly true.  I set two alarms instead of using a snooze button.  One for 5:30am and one for 5:50am.  Nothing in between.  If I don’t get up at 5:30 then I sleep until 5:50.  And I never get up at 5:30.  But that’s a sneaky 20 minutes. I use it to trick my brain into thinking every weekday I’m going to be up at 5:30, and those 20 minutes are special and it only gets them on occasion.

This morning I tried to add another ten minutes into the situation.  When the second alarm went off at 5:50am I set an alarm for 6:00 so I could sleep a little longer.  My brain apparently didn’t appreciate this attempt at more sleep.  I ended up laying awake for 7 minutes until I decided to just get out of bed.

I think my brain is in on the trick of setting two alarms.

07242010AJC copy



I can fall asleep anywhere.  It’s impressive when you think about it.

I’ve fallen asleep in church (not that impressive).

In a moving car (some people can’t).

Standing Up.

When someone is talking to me (again, not that impressive).

Immersed in back and forth conversation with someone.

Mid-sentence. (that one surprises even me)

While getting a haircut (that was yesterday).

While getting stitches in my chin (that one surprised the doctor putting the stitches in, it was a first for him).

I even have those quick dreams that make quasi sense, building off of what I was just doing.  I had a dream once while I was laying on the floor talking a friend.  I just sort of stopped talking (fell asleep mid-sentence) and had the “walking off a cliff dream” where I was walking and then shook myself awake because in my dream the floor was yanked out from under me and I started falling.

Its not narcolepsy.  I’m just that awesome when it comes to sleeping.