I made a list of things to do today. And surprise. I achieved all of them. I did laundry (and bought laundry detergent). I bought sandwich meat and cheese. I cleaned up the kitchen (dishes and what not). I replaced Angelo's old litter box with a new one changing the litter in the process (smelly). I applied for two jobs. I researched vacuums to buy. I swept.

Not bad. Actually made me feel pretty good. Maybe I'll start making lists daily. Or at least weekly. My father is on his way too. I didn't actually think he was coming. He has a college wrestling reunion in Buffalo (something along those lines....he has one every other year it seems) on Thursday and Friday, and had today off, so he's on his way here. I didn't think he'd actually come. Its a long 8 hour drive. I think my mother convinced him. A five hour drive (Buffalo) is much more reasonable than an 8 hour one. But he's coming, and bringing a kitchen table. So I've got some rearranging to do.

Thing is.....I like my set up in the kitchen better than I thought. I put my desk in the little dining area. So we'll see. I have some ideas. I need to clean out my coat closet anyways. I sort of put boxes in there that didn't need to be unpacked. Classroom things. But not very organized. I also have collapsable boxes in there that need to be put under my bed. They're taking up a lot of space. So even though I'm unpacked.....I need to work at this again a little more.

And its raining. I do like the rain. Its very soothing. So I'm happy its raining. First Cleveland rain. Woot!!! And Redstripe. Yes.


I talked to Shane today. For almost an hour. It was good speaking to him. I don't think I've talked to him since 2007. That's not too long ago, but after being great friends in high school and staying in touch through college.....taking off 8 months seems like a lot. But it was good to catch up with him.

Here's a pic of Shane from September 2007.


But this is how I'll remember him. Man we were strange back then. This is from June 1997.

Dressed Up

Yeah.....That's me in the middle showing some leg. On the left is Colin, another friend I haven't seen or spoken to in a long while. And Of course Shane on the right.

Leopard Print

Some of the bruises on my legs are healed enough to look like leopard print.


I'm off to buy a local paper. Woo. And some flea medicine for Angelo. He's been scratching a lot lately.


A new site for a new place. This is only a temporary design until I come up with something I like more (I totally didn't design this myself). I took the title from the song Strange Currencies by R.E.M. It randomly played on my computer today....and got me thinking.

I'm doing alright here in Cleveland. I haven't done much other than unpack, but unpacking is a start. I biked around yesterday and today. Decided I should get a little healthier. Angelo isn't a huge fan of this place yet. I think its just because its new.

Anyways. Here's a view from the park down the street. I think its pretty impressive.

edgewater park

My old site is still up.
Retrospective Reasoning