Its late. But I wanted to get up all my drawings before bed tonight. So after a few whiskey's for dinner I'm ready to upload these and go to bed. I could write and extrapolate and say all that has been on my mind today, but I'd rather go to bed.


Around 5:30 tonight I got some feeling in the pit of mystomach. I can't pinpoint it but it gave me the feeling that my day was going to collapse in some sort of freefall. The feeling hasn't gone away, so I decided to call it a night. I got home, got some fast dinner made and am crawling into bed already. Night.

A long time coming

Its been a long two weeks.

Two weekends ago my high school friend Colin stopped to visit with his girlfriend. We did just about everything you can cram into a day and a half. Lunchanita's for dinner. Now that's Class for drinks and catch up. Next day was Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, West Side Market, lunch at the Great Lakes Brewery, frisbee golf at Sim's Park, relaxing and a few episodes of Its Always Sunny before going back out to a sports bar to watch the Monday night football game. All while I knew I was getting sick. So I spent Tuesday and Wednesday feeling sicker than I have in almost six years (I know it was about six years because that is when my appendix exploded). I was shivering and sweating at the same time. Lots of OJ and a little rest and I was back on my feet for the weekend almost recovered.

Friday I saw my friend Matt's band play out here at Happy Dog bar. Patrons of the Sweet is the band. It was awesome. Happy Dog serves tatter tots. Saturday I went to a funeral and then a three hour training. Sunday I did very little. Watched some football and ate pizza and napped. And Patrons of the Sweet. The slept in my living room (As did Colin and his girlfriend, and Shannon. Apparently its a nice place to crash, come to Cleveland and find out for yourself.). All three bands members snore. Each in their own distinct tone. I'm not saying I don't snore. I do, but three people snoring in unison, pretty impressive.

Monday I worked, ran home and changed the kitty litter, and then spent the evening hanging out with my friend Shannon. I haven't seen Shannon since we were in high school. How weird is that? We went out to eat and have a few drinks. Came back and played hours of UNO before I fell asleep. She claims she beat me, however she keeps score. Like points. No one keeps points in UNO. That's ridiculous and very non-Charpentier. But I let her have her petty victory.

And last night. I was in bed before ten. Awesome.

Whew. Alright time for work. I'll scan my drawings later tonight. Promise.


Can't be. I don't get the flu. But my nose has been running all day. And I am warm, and shivering slightly. Seems like the flu to me. this OJ will get rid of it. Its not the flu, I don't get the flu, I just get under the weather. I'm under the weather. In fact I'm sitting under a bridge yet still fully exposed to weather.


The heat has been turned on. I love sitting around in my boxers and a t-shirt when its freezing outside. It rocks.

I also attempted to pour coffee from my travel mug to a Denny's mug and spilled freshly brewed coffee on my wrist. Awesome.

Angelo is showering me with affection. He's purring. He rarely purrs. Well audible purrs. I

At the Cleveland Museum of Art we painted with marbles. This is what I came up with. There were a lot of colors to choose from, but I went with a traditional blue and gold.


The Weekend that Never Ends

and what do I have to show for it?

Not much. But that's ok. Apartment is once again clean (cleaning it once a week isn't a bad thing, just kind of sad that I save it for a Friday night instead of doing it during the week). I did make it to the Market to buy some fresh food. And I played a few holes of Frisbee Golf.

But on the whole it has been a cheap weekend too. So that is good (I enjoy thrift).

I was thinking a lot about my drawings today. How far I've come in a year of drawing. Also how much crappier a drawing looks scanned in than it does on my sketch pad. Maybe I need a better scanner. But on the list of things to spend money on that one is on the bottom. Cat food is on top right now. Just fed them the last cat food I have. If I don't come home with some after work tomorrow they might riot.

Stealing a Screw

Its been a weird up and down day. Its amazing how little things can boost my mood. For example, we had chips and salsa for snack today. Immediate pick me up. I had a good couple hours after that. But for some reason by the end of the day (work day) I was back into a "blah" mood. Even with some swinging out on the playground.

Coming home I ate my dinner, and sat for a little bit. I read the news online (I swear I am addicted to current news) and set to work on my daily drawing. When I put as much thought into the drawings as I have been lately they take a while. Today at least I had a song stuck in my head to draw to. There were two songs actually. The Bear McCreary version of All Along the Watchtower from Battlestar Galactica and Peter, Bjorn and John's Roll the Credits. Peter, Bjorn and John won out. Mainly because I had the idea of what I wanted to draw. Or at least the objects I wanted in it. Maybe tomorrow I'll draw to All Along the Watchtower.

I stole a screw today. From the hallway. I was coming back from getting my laundry and saw the screw I always play with on the hallway radiator. Today, I just felt taking it. I don't know what it means, its just sitting here on the desk, but its mine now. I stole a screw. And I think I'm better off for it.


Not feeling it this morning. Not feeling like moving or like getting going. But I showered, and am drinking my coffee and am getting moving anyways.

I woke up with that song I drew to last night on my mind. I like waking up with a soundtrack to my morning. Its a good song. And while I only hear the song beat and music, the lyrics are there too. But today I'm going to listen to the score to Battlesstar Galactica. Its mostly orchestra music, heavy on the paino and electrical guitar at points to. Electrical guitar, electric guitar. Electric. Wish I felt electric, electric implies energetic. Which I'm not right now.

My sleep wasn't interupted last night, but I had this weird dream where I knew I was dying over and over again. But not in my dream. The dream wasn't about dying. It was about the knowledge I was dying over and over again. If that makes sense. The sort of dread that comes from knowing you're going to die. I don't remember too much, but that feeling was there. It wasn't upsetting either. I didn't wake up in a cold sweat or nervous or anything like that. I just think it wasn't restful sleep. Or I didn't wake up rested at least. So that's six and a half hours of sleep down the drain.

Sadly I have my day mapped out already. Work and get home about 6:20. Leftoever pizza for dinner. Dishes need to be done. Carpet needs to be vacuumed. Sheets to be laundered. A drawing. Maybe watch a movie. Probably play a video game (I've realized I haven't used many of my video games in years, so I decided to try them out a bit). And most likely bed around midnight. Oh, probably check my bank balance and pay some bills. Maybe through out an application or two. That's a productive if not depressive evening.

A special day

Its a rather special day. Today marks 365 days since I started drawing as a serious hobby. 365 days, 365 drawings. I mark them as a drawing a day, but there was more than once I missed a few days in a row. When I drew for those days I thought back to that day, and what music I may have listened to or what I did that day for inspiration for that drawing. So I had no qualms about marking it as a drawing for that day. So for the past year, I have done a drawing a day. An accomplishment I didn't think would happen.

So how do you celebrate a special day. Well I bought pizza. And a bottle of R.C. Cola (I got it in a 12 oz glass bottle... woo). And now I'm having a beer as I scan my drawing in. When I bought the soda (next door to the pizza place) they guy (selling me the soda) said "have fun out there." Have fun out there? I smirked as I walked to my car. I wondered where there was. Not my apartment. I sort of wanted a night in. Been tired lately (well yesterday and today). So I celebrate this occasion by doing my drawings, watching some geeky but good Battlestar Galactica, and having a beer. Not a horrible thing.

The roll

If you look at the picture below you may notice something odd. There is a severe flaw in the toilet paper dispensers at work. On the left hand side if you look closely there are two things that stand out. On the roll holder there is an oblong part that sticks out. On the part that is attached to the wall there is a small peg that sticks out. In the picture it looks like the two are connected, but they are not.

However the two do keep the roll from going full circle. This means when you go to get toilet paper, you can only tear away one square at a time. That is a giant design flaw for a toilet paper dispenser if I ever saw one. I mean it reminds me of the ones from middle school where they somehow thought razor think square sheets were better than a roll. Its awful. And I find it ridiculous that I have to tear one square at a time from a toilet paper roll.


So alot has happened over the last couple days.

Ha. That entire title was a lie. Not much has happened over the last couple days.

But today I saw Neil Gaiman. Good speaker. Favorite author. He rocks. That was good. And I scanned in my drawings from September. So those are posted up.

Things from the last week:
Matt got punched in eye at the football game.
Pat tried to throw me on the field.
I have eaten like crap the last week. Hopefully that will change.
I've had a lot of weird dreams lately.

Like this one from last night:

I was in a building with a lot of dumbwaiters. But they were big enough to fit people in. I took one down and so did a bunch of my friends. When we reached the basement it was almost like a maze. And I looked around because the basement was huge. It was like a warehouse and all you saw were hundreds of dumbwaiters. When I got off though I saw no one. It was just me. The basement was dark, but lighted from a distance. Like light was coming from around the corner, so the end of the hall was lit, but as soon as you rounded the corner the light wasn't there, it was off in the distance again around the next corner.

After searching for a while, and still being alone, I found a stairwell to the main floor. It was to a lobby. I was standing in the lobby and there is an elevator and the glass doors out. I walked towards the elevator, and on both sides of the doors I see my reflection. On one side I'm young and on the other side I am old. In both I look tired, and angry.

I took one step into the elevator and don't feel right, so I get out of the lobby and leave through the doors. It is night outside and the stars are beaming, but its a dark. There's no moon. Right next too the building I was in (which was a skyscraper) there is a big corn field. I follow a path to the middle where there is a bonfire and find my friend Reggie there along with a large group of people. He says it is some sort of festival, but that I shouldn't stay.

That's where the dream ends.