I don’t want to rant about politics for the next four years…. but that may just happen anyways.

KellyAnne Conway and Sean Spicer just blew my mind with their weekend logic. Or lack of.

To see Spicer’s press conference, which wasn’t a conference because he took no questions, but rather ranted and flat out lied, was pretty appalling.

He just flat out lies.  First off, that reporter corrected his mistake about the bust in under ten minutes.  Which is quicker than Trump corrects his posts. He also is lying about the white tarps, and, well pretty much everything in the rest of the briefing.  Even the numbers, the only facts he cites, are wrong.  The comments about the CIA speech, well Trump on twitter compared the CIA to Nazis. That was Trump, not the press. And his message wasn’t about support of the CIA, it was patting himself on the back and rambling.  With one line about supporting the CIA.  Oh, and Trump tried to say god made the rain stop as soon as he spoke at the inauguration, when in fact it continue the whole time.  Which is weird to lie about the weather, when the speech was broadcast, but Trump felt the need to.

KellyAnne Conway later went on Chuck Todd to say Spicer wasn’t lying, he had “alternative facts”.  Which are just lies. Facts are Facts, not negotiable, not false.  She said that we should be talking about a whole slew of other things.  What Chuck Todd didn’t point out was that the President didn’t send out Sean Spicer to talk about those things, rather just sent him out to lie and rant about the mediocre size of his crowds.

Look, its hard to give Trump the benefit of the doubt, to believe he will be a good president fighting for all Americans, when he sends his team out there to lie for him, when he lies, even little ones, as president. I don’t want a president that lies, or is upset at the size of his crowds. I want a president that will reach out to the other side, have a conversation with them and try to find some middle ground.  That’s what I want out of democratic president, republican president, or independent president.  That is what should be expected out of any American President, because they are not beholden to just their base, they should be beholden to all of the American people.

Until Trump at least attempts that, I can’t respect him.  So far in his 48 hours he has shown he is thin skinned, willing to lie to members of our intelligence agency, and pretty much lives in his own world where something called “alternative facts” exist.

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