2017 Garden Update

This year is the second year Sam and I have planted a garden.  We got an early harvest of radishes already and it is just starting to give us some tomatoes now.  Last we plucked a huge jalapeno pepper last week.

Our herbs are doing better this year than last year and we have tons of basil.  Which has provided me with some pesto and fresh basil for pizzas.   I’ve started making tortilla pizzas in our cast iron skillet when I want some pizza.  A little olive oil, a tortilla, sauce, onions, garlic, cheese, diced tomatoes, basil and some salt and pepper on the stove top first before being tossed in the broiler for a few minutes.  Crispy and fantastic. 

We do have this odd Beefsteak Tomato.  It started growing weeks ago and hasn’t ripened yet. For a long time it was the only tomato on the plant. I’ve just been staring at it daily waiting for it to ripen so I can pick it.

I really think it is mocking me by staying green.

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