Not Saying

I’m not saying I have nothing to write about, but rather I’ve been pretty busy lately.  And when I have had stuff come to mind I haven’t had my computer nearby or had the time to tap it out on my phone.

But in general life goes well.  The big July 4th yesterday (which was rather a calm day).  It sort of brought my whole “I’m not a big holiday person” persona to the front.  I don’t get it.  I just don’t really care for holidays.  But that’s just me.  And the Fourth of July usually trends towards my not liking big crowds of people (I always say it brings out my hatred of people in general, but hatred is the wrong word.  It brings out how annoying people can be in a large crowd setting.)

But Sam and I walked around Edgewater late at night and saw some fireworks while we weaved in and out of slow walking lines of people.  And Sunday we finally used our zoo membership and visited the zoo.  Which I can honestly say, I enjoy the zoo a whole lot more as an adult than I think I ever possible did as a kid.  Sam and I joked about the rarity of people our age going to the zoo unless the have kids.  It seems crazy, but I love the zoo.  I’ve gone by myself before.  I love just being close to animals.  The Giant Tortoises, they’re my favorite.

Even if all they do is lay in the mud and look dead.


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