WP_20151126_10_09_11_Rich_LII’ve had a Thanksgiving tradition making own meal and lounging the day away by myself ever since I moved to Cleveland years ago. It appears that tradition is dead now. But that’s ok.

Sam and I are spending Thanksgiving with her mom and brother in Madison at her parents. Its pretty great. Sam and her mom are working on the meal while I’m relaxing in the outer room.

I’ve got a book… Am listening to some Billie Holiday…texting family and drinking coffee.
It’s pretty wonderful. Even better… I’m staring at this view watching birds go crazy outside.

Nice Thanksgiving indeed.

Thanksgiving 2012

Thanksgiving 2012 was a hit much like 2011.

Reggie made it out for Thanksgiving this year again.  PJ however despite trying (what I hope was his best efforts) couldn’t make it again.  However after many attempts to contact him and find out information he finally got back to me by text at 7:30 in the morning on Thanksgiving to let me know he wasn’t coming out.

Little late, but better than nothing.  Pretty average for PJ actually.

Anyways, Reg and I baked up a 17 pound turkey, picked up some Hawaiian Sweet Rolls, made some Sweet Potato Fries, corn and copious amounts of wine.

Thanksgiving is a weird holiday.  I’m continually invited to Sam’s parents for Thanksgiving, but I’ve enjoyed making my own meal for the last couple years.  Going on four years in a row I think of making my own Thanksgiving dinners.  Reg coming out is just an extra bonus.  He rarely makes it out here but its always good to see him.

We went on a League Marathon too.  Good way to spend a Thursday.

Today we’re hitting up a park or something.  Get some movement in to counter all the food I ate yesterday.  Cause man I feel fat right now.

Thanksgiving II

Just a little addendum here.

Thanksgiving morning at the grocery store was like a sad bachelor gathering spot apparently.  Giant Eagle was filled with sad men just looking depressed that they were out grocery shopping for themselves only Thanksgiving morning.

You know what its like, you see one of them pick up an item and you are sure you can read their thoughts as they stare blankly at it.  “Do I really want this… maybe….nah… no I’m going to get it….  what does matter anyway…” and put it back down only to pick up the next item on the shelf and do the exact same thing.  I am pretty sure I stood out because I was listening to loud happy music through my earphones, smiling, and although I like to think not, I was probably singing along with the music as well.


Thanksgiving is a weird holiday to me. It’s supposedly a family holiday, but that doesn’t hold too much for me. I see my family generally twice a year. So Thanksgiving isn’t a family time for me. I made myself a big meal in the Thanksgiving tradition though.

I bought some Turkey breast (I didn’t really plan ahead and buy a turkey like I had been thinking, and I only found frozen ones Thursday morning when I went shopping), bought some potatoes, made a salad, bought some rolls, wine, vegetables, and stuffing mix. Cooked it all up and had a late lunch that was I called my Thanksgiving dinner. It was pretty good. I even had a Boston Cream Pie I had bought for a fundraiser at work for desert.

All in all, I think I did a good job. I spent the rest of the evening talking with Pat online. He was alone on Thanksgiving as well… and well, its good to catch up with an old friend. We did this thing where we watch a movie at the same time on our computers and chat throughout it. We watched The Expendables and The Losers, drank some beer, and chatted it up. Not as good as hanging out in person, but still makes for a good day. I talked to one of my sisters, got a text from another, and missed a phone call from the third (sorry Tiddle, I’ll call you today).

All in all I had a decent day. And you know, reflecting, I got invited to more Thanksgivings this year than any other. I think that’s a good thing, sort of means I’ve hit my niche here in Cleveland (I mean it only took two years, whatever). And I turned them down. Not that I had to, but its sort of, I don’t know, that I not resigned myself to having Thanksgiving alone, but that I looked forward to cooking, and relaxing and doing nothing. And its not that I don’t want to meet people’s families, or am afraid too (although I turn more respectable meeting parents and family for a while before I break out of my shell), but really, I just enjoyed the thought my own Thanksgiving. Also I’m not usually one to turn up unexpected (unless its Pat, I did it once and by god I’ll do it again).

But…. despite my non-family orientated Thanksgiving, it doesn’t mean that I don’t have things to give thanks for. So here is my list:

– Family (all of you, even PJ)
– My Health
– My pets (2 cats and a ferret)
– Old Friends
– New Friends
– New Music (music gets me through)
– My job

There’s more I’m sure, but it is a good list.