Another Motivational Post

Or is it another post about lack of motivation.  Its not that I don’t want to exercise.  I enjoy it when I do, and just need to force myself to exercise.

Instead, I came home and crawled in bed at 5 yesterday.  I half slept half read til 7, got out of bed, made some dinner, watched the Sabres lose, and was back in bed around 10:30.  Fast asleep by 11pm.

I don’t know if I would call them visions, maybe just longings.  I swear I’ve closed my eyes and pictured myself 25 miles away on the Tow Path.  25 miles out and turning around in the middle of nowhere for a 25 mile bike ride back.  It just seems ideal.

Last year I used a crazy stupid 50 mile bike ride to jump start my exercising in the Spring.  I was tired and exhausted and had trouble climbing the stairs back up to my apartment (bike on shoulder) afterwards.

But it worked.  I exercised all summer long after that.  I lost over 25 pounds and have kept it off, even without constant exercising.  That’s pretty good.  So when I have visions and longings for another long bike ride, I’m sure its my body telling me it wants get back in that shape.

I think I need winter to be over.

My mom may not approve…

But I love feeling the cold on my skin. It’s 30 degrees outside and I just walked to the coffee shop with no jacket, a baseball cap, and scarf on. It was brisk and windy and I loved every second of it. My ears getting chilly, the cold air on my cheeks, knuckles getting white, and a giant smile on my face.

Chalk it under “one more reason I belong in the north.” Aside from needing to see four seasons in the environment, I like the cold.