I read this column on CNN today and loved it. Yeah its on the Oprah section. So what.

To Improve Your Marriage.....Be Quiet

So I'm not married. But it explains why arguments fail to solve things so often.

By the by....the comments weren't working right. They kept putting up comments from entries over two years old with the new ones. When I fix it....I'll put them back up.

Had a bad day

I had a bad day. Its been a long day.

1. Expensive oil change. One of those ones that is expected to be $50 and was three times as much.

2. Expensive oil change cancels out planned trip to Buffalo.

3. Canceling of Buffalo trip leads to long argument.

4. I get told (by a machine) that I don't have the "background" to be a night stock boy. I'm pretty sure it has something to do with those stupid personality tests the computer had me do. I hate those things. I mean...if I talk to a human being, I can get the job. But if I'm honest on those personality tests, I apparently can't. Its not that I'm a bad human being....I'm pretty sure its cause I'm sarcastic and don't like big groups of people.

5. I singe off some eyelashes. Angelo smelled (or let a smelly one go). So I light a candle ontop of the fridge. I light the match at face level, not close to my face, but somehow my eyelashes go up slightly. So now on my left eye I have a bunch of shortened eyelashes.

Not a bad day

It was a strange....but good day. I woke up to an Angelo hairball and some misplaced poop. He was freaking out last night....and I think it had something to do with that. (I fed him a decent amount of tuna yesterday.....which may have been the cause). So that wasn't a great way to wake up.

But I went for a ride....and then did some dishes. Then I filled out a few more applications (I've put in a bunch in the last few days). I moved my car....just to be safe (there's four hour street parking during the day here...but I've never seen a ticket). Then I fiddled around on the web for a while....mostly reading news.

I made a great dinner of a buffalo chicken warp tonight. And then headed out to a coffee shop a mile away. For some reason I thought it was just a place to buy beans.....but its also a sit down shop. I was there for an hour....and its actually within walking distance...which I'm excited about. And then I came back to the apartment. Through the course of the day I actually talked to many people, and crazily enough got my last gas utility bill from Buffalo. Which was a rebate check for $18. How sweet is that.

So here I am now....watching Mulholland Drive. I haven't seen it in a long time. But I hooked up the VCR and plopped the tape in. I wanted to see it again because I watched Southland Tales a few days ago (Reg was right....the Rock, or Dwayne Johnson...is amazing in it)....and while not as good of a movie....it reminded me of the same type of movie. I remember seeing Mulholland Drive three or four times in a little movie place called Aimie's Dinner and Movie in Glens Falls. Fantastic little place where they serve you drinks and food during the movie. Reggie and I twice saw it where we were the only people there. And once with Shane and Colin and Kevin. Good times.

By the way.....the Club Silencio scene in Mulholland Drive has to be one of my favorite scenes in any movie.



Alright....its 3:30 on a Wednesday.

What have I accomplished so far.

1. I exercised (1 hour bike ride)
2. I applied at jobs (3)
3. I vacuumed and took out the trash
4. I called a temp agency to inquire about working right away
5. I called my old landlord about getting my security deposit and half of August's rent
6. I ate food

That's not a bad list. Not for 3:30 in the afternoon. Somewhere in there I showered too. And cleaned Angelo's kitty litter.

Now for a load of laundry, and cleaning some dishes. Then some rest, a nap perhaps.

Oh....I've been fiddling around with having my blogging site done through different software. I'd kind of like something I could do without being tethered to just my laptop like I currently am. I currently use Rapidweaver, but was considering either Blogger or Wordpress. For now I'll use this.