Day 483

I took a picture of me from above. It was an odd angle, tough to draw, but I think I did a decent enough job.

Day 482

Pen caps are happy, right?

Day 481

Why not.  Really, go start a fire.

Day 480

I took this random picture of my head that perfectly cut off the front of my face, looked good, so I drew it.

Day 479

I never filled in the details for this one. Looks good without them though. This is the type of drawing I would never happily be able to scan in with my old scanner. New scanner, awesome.

Day 478

The Bells is one of my favorite Smashing Pumpkins songs. It was a b-side (back when bands had b-sides) and is just that perfect balance of a slow haunting piano song.

Day 477

I like drawing my own hand. There’s a lot more detail in a palm than one would imagine.

Day 476

This is a drawing I did with no picture or model. Came out pretty good. I’m also gearing up for excitement, Wussy is playing out here in February.

Day 475

After that image of a shaded circle in my last drawing I wanted to draw this one. It came out pretty good as well.

Day 474

I had this image of a finger with different things at each tip. And drew up a hand with a few fingers up and a few down. This is another image that took me five minutes or less.

Day 473

Judy Staring at the Sun is a great song by the Catherine Wheel. I found this picture of a girl leaning against a tree. I drew this in a few minutes, and it came out fantastic.

Day 472

Sometimes my self portraits come out all wrong, but in a good way. Someone today asked me if I new all about facial symmetry. I told them no, that I didn’t really care. For the same reason I never really cared to take and art classes. I like my style, I like evolving on my own. I like how I draw. I like that its mine. Maybe I could be a better artist with some actual instruction, but screw that. I’d rather just be.

Day 471

Sometimes song stick with you long after you stop listening to them. Sometimes it the lyrics. Don’t Leave Just Now is one of those songs. Wussy has fantastic lyrics anyways, but this song stands head and shoulders above most of them.

Day 470

Another quote from Bodies that I was listening to yesterday. Still stuck in my head.

Day 469

As I was driving today my iPod was on shuffle. It came to the song Bodies by the Smashing Pumpkins. Such a fantastic song, catchy, and stuck in my head. So I drew to it.

Day 468

I am looking forward to February, Wussy comes back to Cleveland for a show. As much as I’ve listened to them over the last year, I still can find no fault with their album. Its perfect. And I can’t wait to see them in concert again.

Day 467

So I had no idea what to draw today, and all I listened to was some Bjork. It was the song Army of Me off of the Tank Girl soundtrack (great freaking soundtrack). So this is how it went.

Day 466

I’ve drawn my hand in this pose more than once, it is hard to hold my hand like this as I draw, but it always come out well I think.

Day 465

I think it is time to try some more realistic drawing again. So why not start with the eye and nose.

Day 464

Its a guy looking in the air, for someone, when he knows she isn’t there. He’s alone, but can’t help seeing her everywhere. Seeing things that remind him of her, make him think of her. He wonders if the same is her for him.

Day 463

I imagined someone tossing and turning in bed (which to my credit, I did all night after drawing this in the afternoon). Just a guy, not comfortable, trying to sleep.

Day 462

Sometimes I feel like this. Today though its from listening to the songDelicious, by the Catherine Wheel. Its a fantastic song.

Day 461

I really like this new scanner. This drawing came out great.

Day 460

I’m trying to get back to drawings realisticly again. So I drew my thumb, and added a few stick people. Looks good.

Day 459

I still remember watching the Da Funk video in our dorm room, and absolutely loving both the music and the video. I believe Sean first introduced us toDaft Punk. Its was good. No, it was great. Uplifting irresistible music. Fantastic.

Day 458

Its true.

Day 457

I had this idea of looking down at a guy running with his arms behind him. In the middle the idea changed, and this is the result.

Day 456

I had about a month of drawing nothing but little stick figure drawings, and I’ve decided its time to draw some more realistic things. Back to faces and bodies and working on lips this year. This one, the eyes look way off. They look like this person is looking two different directions. But over all, the porportions are right. The eyes are wide, but its what I wanted.

Day 455

Just a small doodle. I likes it. I was a little blank as far as ideas, but came out well.

Day 454

I was listening to Death Cab for Cutie. While the song The New Year is not that optimistic, it is a song I associate with New Year’s eve. Anyways, this is my drawing today.

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