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More Sky Larkin




Day 769

I like to think I’m not a coffee addict.  But I do rely on it most mornings.

Day 768

Quite possible my favorite Wussy song.

Day 767

How do you draw someone walking with a mountain?  I really really like how this one came out.  I think it works.

Day 766

Day 765

I don’t normally draw stick figures with bodies, but man this guy is cute.

Day 764

The last black is an interesting concept.  Hard to think of and draw.

Day 763

Just a silly little face.

Day 762

Its like he is stealing all the stars.

Day 761

Sometimes less detail is more.

Day 760

Little globs are great.

Day 759

Windmills are easy to picture, not so easy to draw.

Day 758

Rarrrrr.  That’s the noise bugs make.  I assume.

Day 757

Its an interesting song quote.  And goes well with a sad eye.

Day 756

Another random doodle.  Some of my drawings could fit on a stamp, and I’m ok with that.

Day 755