Day 693

Day 692

Day 691

Day 690

Day 689

Day 688


Day 687

Day 686

Go Piebald.

Day 685

Day 684

Details make all the difference.

Day 683

Day 682

I forget what song this is from, it was pretty emotional though.  Kind of a sad song.  Reminiscent.

Day 681

A crazy concoction.

Day 680

For a great drawing the day before, this one is not so well done.

Day 679

This is probably my favorite drawing I’ve done in the last 6 months.  I don’t know why, but the simplicity of it is amazing.

Day 678

The past never leaves you alone.

Day 677

Day 676

Papers should burn from the bottom up.

Day 675

Day 674


Day 673

Day 672

Posturing is Everything

Day 671

Casino vs Japan is an amazing band.  So great.

Day 670

3 minutes tops, and it still looks fantastic.  Bizarre.

Day 669

Day 668

Day 667

Day 666


Day 665

Day 664

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