Day 542

A little mish-mash of this and that.  A guy grabbing onto bubbles, a disorganized uplifting of everything around.

Day 541

I’ve been relistening to Beck’s the Information lately.  Such a fantastic album.  Catchy as all hell.

Day 540

More Fervor.  This is the title of a song; Don’t Disappear.  Its fantastic.

Day 539

More Fervor.  Not sure where I was going with this one.  But I like the result.

Day 538

The same.  Doing different meaningless things.  Over and over again.

Day 537

I have grown to seriously enjoy the Fervor.  They are a great band.

Day 536

Just a quick sketch of my foot.  Less than five minutes total drawing time.

Day 535

Hats.  HATS!!!

Day 534


Day 533

Coffee cups say all sorts of things.  The message is clear on some.

Day 532

I took this picture of myself from above.  My legs are crossed and elevated, and my sketchbook was in my lap.  I thought it would look best only halfway there.

Day 531

Something about an irresistible force.  It just sucks you in.  You’re helpless.  You love it and yet hate the lack of free will at the same time.

Day 530

So Sarah and I walked dogs today.  She volunteers to walk dogs on most Friday nights and I went with her.  It was fun.

Day 529

Look I can draw the hulk.  What a horrible warped self portrait.

Day 528

Just a thought.

Day 527

This was a weird angle to draw my hand at.  And also a pain to hold for the time while I tried to draw it.

Day 526

All I had in my head was one word.  Illuminated.  So I drew it.

Day 525

So yet another drawing of Sarah as a silhouette.  This one against a doorway.

Day 524

So I was lost as to what to draw.  Thats not true.  I had a plan.  I can’t recall it.  But it turned into this.

Day 523

So I have this picture of Sarah standing in the sand, holding her boots, with the sun in the background.  The sun drowns out her image so all you see is the outline of her.  A silhouette of her.  It looks awesome.

Day 522

A random sketch.  Nothing in particular.

Day 521


Day 520

A face is a face of course of course…..

Day 519

I’ve been listening to the Fervor lately.  This is a fantastic lyric and a great little drawing to go along with it.

Day 518

Sometimes people ask me what its supposed to be, and I usually answer “I’m not sure.”

Day 517

This drawing was supposed to be a person falling through the air.  It looks more like a bird to me know.  That’s not a bad thing.

Day 516

I like being trapped.  I like being surrounded.  And I like looking out.

Day 515

Sometimes random sketches turn out much better than I hoped.  I really really liked this one.  Even if I have no clue what it is.

Day 514

I don’t care what you think, Smashing Pumpkins still rock.

Day 513

I wanted to draw something fast, and tried to reverse the eyes (make the white parts dark and the dark parts white).  It came out ok for five minutes of work.

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