Day 631

Day 630

Catch it.

Day 629

Walk away sad.

DAy 628

Think of the body as a work in progress.

Day 627

Day 626

Day 625

Day 624

Seems Happy.

Day 623

Come on baby can you feel the walls

Day 622

Sneaker Pimps.  Low Place Like Home

Day 621

Day 620

Out in the corn fields.

Day 619

Thunder Thunder Thunder THUNDERCATS HOOOO!!!!

Day 618


Day 617

Day 616

Day 615

Day 614

Day 613

Pushed away from what you like.

Day 612

Ever been confused as to who you are?

Day 611

Day 610

I heard this on the radio in a quote, or something similar to it.  I think it was on Radiolab.

Day 609

Less Than Jake.  Awesome.

Day 608

What you see in the rearview mirror isn’t what you always passed.

Day 607

Sometimes collections of randomness fit together very well.

Day 606

Day 605

I don’t even remember where I was when this line hit me.  I think it was a song, maybe a Smashing Pumpkins song.

Day 604

Just a quick drawing of myself.  Came out fantastic.

Day 603

Toothey McGee.  He’s a character I made up after Sarah’s teeth.  He’s a detective, and the tooth is Toothey McGee.  He solves all the crimes.  I even made up a whole song to go along with him.  It was a fun time.

Day 602

So I’m lacking an explanation for this one.  It started as a goose I can tell you that.  Then…. it took off.