Day 570


Day 569

It was going to be a guy drowning in a tear drop, but I like this better.  Not quite a tear, but something similar.

Day 568

More Wussy.  I can’t seem to get enough of them.  They have pretty deep lyrics that suck me in (I’m a chump for good lyrics).

Day 567

There is a song called Vivian Girls by Wussy.  One line in it says “black and white pearls.”  It brings back up good imagery.

Day 568

I live on the second story, and sometimes lean out my window.  I just think about looking out a window into the clouds.  No building around or anything.  Just staring into blue nothingness.

Day 567

Not quite a night sky, but a sky with things falling down.  A full sky.  With onlookers.

Day 566

Just this idea of a friend peeking out at you from behind a wall.

Day 565

I like my ability to draw things and then decide its done.  This is a tiny drawing, less than 1/10th of the entire page, but it just felt done.

Day 564

Day to night and back again.

Day 563

Eyes in general are just cool to draw.

Day 562

A bird, a flame, a sunrise, and I’m not quite sure what else.

Day 561

Why can’t you reach up from the ground and grab flowers?

Day 560

Am I the only one that sees a sad guy in this drawing?

Day 559

See at times, I don’t know what I’m trying to draw at all.  Like this day for instance.  Nothing at all there comprehendible.

Day 558

Sometimes I really get into simple drawings like this one.  Just a guy and a hat.  One of my “complex stick figures” I suppose.

Day 557

A vortex of some sort, I suppose.

Day 556

This is me, staring into the sun.

Day 555

I like this quote.  Somewhere in Mad Max Beyond the Thunderdome a quote similar to this is said.  But its been so long since I’ve seen that movie I’m not sure what is said in it.

Day 554

Yeah this about you, and you, and you.  You’re out there.  The friends left behind.  This Wussy song is fantastic.

Trail of Sadness

Day 553

I’ve gotten a few compliments on this one.  I think they are just.  Just a drawing of the top of my face.  My hair is much shaggier than it used to be.

Day 552

Someone told me that this wasn’t done.  I disagree.  I like how it turned out.

Day 551

A self portrait.  Not a great one, but one.

Day 550

This is probably my favorite recent drawing.  Its a picture of my leg.  I didn’t like it when I started drawing, but all the pieces came together well.

Day 549

This started out as a pair of glasses.  I didn’t like where it was going so I made it something else.

Day 548

So I have this picture with my shirt over my eyes and top of head.  All you see is one dark eye, my nose and mouth.  Its an interesting picture.

Day 547

Just a collection of this and that.

Day 546

Just floating along.

Day 545

My hair has gotten longer lately.  Its a bit crazy in the pre-summer humidity.

Day 544

I don’t know.  Particles.  Random happy particles.  Of happiness.  Of random happiness.

Day 543

I was trying to think of what airborne would look like, as in the song Airborne by Wussy.  I don’t know, just a guy a few feet off the ground, hovering.