Day 511

More Wussy.  I had this image of a dilapidated house and someone just staring at it.

Day 510

After seeing Wussy and buying a new album, I have all sorts of lyrics to play with now.

Day 509

This didn’t come out quite how I liked it.  Its a little long.  The space between the nose and mouth is too far apart.

Day 508

I think I mentioned in my regular posts that I’ve been on a Smashing Pumpkins revival.  One of my favorite songs is Slow Dawn off of the Machina II album.  The fantastic thing about that album is that it was free for download online.  And this was back in 2000.  Still is available for download too.  And its way better than the commercial Machina album.  But of course that’s my opinion.  Reg would argue that Stand Inside Your Love off Machina I is a near perfect song.

Machina II

Day 507

While the nose is shaded just a little dark, the mouth looks great.  So does the slight facial hair.  And yes, I don’t grow hair in that spot beneath my nose.

Day 506

This was another on of those times where I had nothing to draw.  No idea, no deep thought, just nothing.

Day 505

I was listening to Portishead today.  Freaking love Portishead.

Day 504

A star just rushing towards a guy.  Awesome.

Day 503

Its a weird doodle.  But a doodle none-the-less.

Day 502

So my birthday was a good day, but I saw that commercial for the Dante’s Inferno game one too many times and the song got stuck in my head.

Day 501

Just a little random smattering.

Day 500

HOLY CRAP!!!  500!!!! 500 drawings in a row, in 500 days.  I was impressed when I made 100 days.  And then when I made it a year.  And yet here it is, 500 days.  This is a slightly skewed self portrait.  The face is a little more squished than it should be, and you can tell (I hope) that I haven’t shaved in a while.  500, damn.

Day 499

Just a little sketch, a little guy, a little me.

Day 498

I think I’ve said it for a while, but I am so excited to see Wussy later this month.  For this image I just pictured a guy sitting under the tree, looking at his girlfriend twirling, and knowing they have problems, that it isn’t working, but it will.  That if they hold on, there will be better days.

Day 497

Something romantic for Valentine’s Day.  Another Wussy lyric.  This one tragic.

Day 496

I’ve been listening to Wussy for a long while.  I’ve upped it a little bit recently because the concert is coming up.  So freaking excited.

Day 495

One of those days where I just drew little things that went together. No particular plan or idea or basis.

Day 494

It kind of looks like a face.  I didn’t intend it to be.  But I like it.

Day 493

For some reason, this one doesn’t seem finished to me, but I’m done with it regardless.  It just seems to be missing something.

Day 492

Not too romantic.  I had this vision of a heart on a rope floating in air.  And just offering it to someone, but obviously not just anyone.

Day 491

In the picture I took this from the image is black and white, and over flush with light from one side.  All the details of the face are washed out because of the light.  I think it came out pretty good.

Day 490

I liked this picture, so I decided to draw it.  No particular person, just a smiling woman.

Day 489

I wanted to draw an eyelash, just one.  But then it just looks like a line.  Add some movement, add a little guy reaching for it, add a quote, and voila, we’ve got an eyelash drawing.

Day 488

I think the caption says it all.

Day 487

I had this vision of someone shaking a fist at God.  Good day, bad day, I think everyone at some point needs to feel in control of their life.  Just a big, “I don’t give a crap about your expectations of me.”

Day 486

I’ve had this image in my head for a few days.  Just a guy reaching up, and not getting what he wanted.  Not even really trying except for show an intent, know that he can’t, won’t reach it anyways.

Day 485

I had no real idea where I was going with this one.  I wanted a small house in the background, but then drew a forest, and then a fire.  After that I saw sadness, I saw someone destroying everything, and walking away to the nothingness that he knew awaited.

Day 484

I was listening to Autolux today and this one lyric stuck out in my head.
“ice caps melt for you babe”