Day 754

Day 753

Day 752

I went on a big Sky Larkin kick for a long while.

Day 751

I had a lot of trouble coming up with a drawing for this quote.  Its from a Sky Larkin song, and the way its sung is so beautiful, but I just couldn’t place it to a drawing.

Day 750

Drawing eyes are easy.

Day 749

Day 748

Day 747

Day 746

Day 745

This is taken from a picture I took outside a gas station.

Day 744

Day 743

I draw myself… often.

Day 742

I went on a Firefly spree.  Love that show.

Day 741

Little drawings like these make me smile.

Day 740

In the back of my eye, I always see you.  You know who you are.

Day 739

Random sketch and doodle

Day 738

I particularly like how the flies look in this one.

Day 737

Wussy still rocks.  By far the best band I’ve seen in concert in a long time.

Day 736

Just another random design.  Sometimes I wonder if these would make good tattoos.

Day 735

Day 734

Day 733

A tree is a powerful thing.

Day 732

This lyric is from a song on the Scott Pilgrim vs The World soundtrack.  Its a great song.  A little sad and depressing, but some of the best songs are sad and depressing.

Day 731

I have this picture of my friend Dani looking away.  Most of the pictures I have of Dani are of her looking away.  I get the feeling she doesn’t like pictures of herself.  Anyways, I thought it would make a good drawing.  I tried not to do it too detailed, leave it a little spaced out and blank.

Day 730

I found this really great picture of a woman with her arm up over her head.  She had on black lipstick, and had black hair.  Her shirt was black and blended into the background.  It was amazing.  I tried drawing it.  Didn’t quite come out as well as I hoped, but it is good enough.

Day 729

Day 728

Day 727

Day 726

Sometimes I go through patterns, where I draw just faces for a while.

Day 725

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