Day 723

Day 722

A mishmash of everything.

Day 721

I never said all my drawings were good ones…. but I try.

Day 720

Mmmmm…. feet.

Day 719

Day 718

Day 717

You smoke that cigarette as you walk away.

Day 716

Day 715

What are you holding onto?

Day 714

I see you….

Day 713

Day 712

The question to ask is was I happier then ….

Day 711

Day 710

I got onto a big Killers kick for a while.

Day 709

It was just another night….

Day 708

Day 707

Day 706

Day 705

Day 704

Day 703

He’s Repulsed.

Day 702

Day 701

Day 700

Sometimes thing just look down.

Day 699

This guy rocks.

Day 698

There was this bridge in a park with a river running under it.  It was gorgeous.

Day 697

Somehow a thought or an idea can suck in everything around it.

Day 696

Some of the smallest drawings are the best.

Day 695

Day 694

Its a good question.