Day 601

It was sandal wearing weather on this day.  I also drew this in the corner of my sketch pad, leaving a whole page practically blank.  Good use of space.

Day 600

I didn’t even know this was day 600.  But it is a great day 600 drawing.

Day 599

Plants are fun.

Day 598

Sarah went to the Metroparks recently, and this remains one of my favorite pictures of her.  She’s just leaning over a railing looking down at the river below.

Day 597

A quick and crazy sketch of my hand

Day 596

The idea of catching a tear is an interesting one.

Day 595

Depressive stick figure like characters seem to be my specialty.

Day 594

There is a long story behind the Mumbler Demon. I’m not going to tell it though.

Day 593

Quick self portrait.

Day 592


Day 591

This started as a drawing of a nose, but turned into people running all about.  All the same guy.

Day 590

A gap or crevice.  Remember, you are being watched.

Day 589

I had picture the building blowing out from underneath him, crumbling, on fire, or exploding.  It didn’t matter.  The idea is when you reach the top, its a new beginning, and an end of the old.  The lyrics are from a Fervor song.

Day 588

What I was going for I can’t recall.  Just a background.  A sort of immortal picture.  In the end I have a volcano and something that reminds me off the Little Prince.

Day 587

Giant umbrellas do nothing for small people.  Its a moral.

Day 586

Not Applicable.

Day 585

This is another sketch of the tattoo I always wanted, you know if I wanted a tattoo, which I don’t.

Day 584

More quick face drawings. Stupid noses.

Day 583

There was supposed to be more to this drawing.  A house, a cottage, a tent, just something in the distance.  But it didn’t need it .  Or at least I though it didn’t need it.

Day 582

Another attempt a face.  From different angles.

Day 581

These are three quick drawings to different song lyrics.  Or at least I think they were song lyrics.  Usually if I draw a few sketches like this I pick my favorite to scan in as my daily drawing, but today you get all three.

Day 580

The Liars are a band I’m just now discovering.  Goes kinda deep.  I need to shave.

Day 579

I’m not sure where my ideas come from.  Or how I can have them somedays so clearly and other days they elude me.  Today was an easy day.

Day 578

There was this storm in Cleveland on this date.  And Everything came crashing down.  You couldn’t escape it.  It was everywhere….. like the Nothing.

Day 577

Simple, wonderful.  Like an eyelash fallen on the lawn.  Which is what I was imagining.

Day 576

Where the hell did this guy come from?  You tell me.  I don’t remember.  But I do know I like it, a lot.

Day 575

I was really tired for days in a row.  This one gets straight to the point.  One of the things I’ve always liked about my drawings are the stick figures.  I’ve always drawn great stick figures (at least in my own mind) but after a year or so of doodling even my stick figures have gotten better, more expressive.

Day 574

A great drawing comes out of nowhere sometimes.  I was really impressed with how this turned out.  It started as a sketched out line, and ended up being one of my favorite drawings I’ve done this year.

Day 573

This isn’t the greatest face I’ve ever drawn, but it might be one of the most expressive.  The eyes and eyebrows really did it in this picture.

Day 572

I haven’t drawn a hand in a while.  But I drew this one fast and loose, and it came out better than I expected.  The key I think, to drawing a hand, is deciding what lines to keep and which ones you don’t need.  The amount of detail in a hand is ridiculous, but to get a good drawing of a hand you don’t need a lot.

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